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How to Create a Unique DIY Photo Book

Creating a photo book is easy today thanks to the many online editors available. However, if you are looking for unique photo book templates that will match your exact requirements, it is nearly impossible to find them. If you intend to offer a photo book as a souvenir or gift to a loved one, it is only right that you make it unique. Below are some tips you should follow to end up with a unique photo book.

Narrate a Story with the Photos
The photos you put on the photo book should narrate a story that is important to you or your loved one. Ideally, you should arrange the photos so that they narrate the story chronologically. Arranging the photos chronologically will make it easier to remember specific important events in your life. In most cases, spontaneous photos tell the best true stories. Avoid the temptation of filling your photo book with studio or perfect photos.

Edit Photos Using Online Editors
Thanks to improvement in technology, you can make your photos look awesome through various online editors. For instance, you can spice up your photos by using effects such as frames, masks and filters. The other feature you may want to use in online editors is the different layouts. It is easy to bring out particular emotions based on the type of layout you use for your photos. You do not want the multiple pictures you have put on a page to end up boring because they lack decorative signatures. Make sure the photos that you put on the book convey important events in your life. If there are many photos that convey a particular story, how about setting them up as a collage?

Use Big Words to Tell Your Story
You can take your creativity to the next level and use words to support the story brought out through the photos. After many years, your memory is bound to fail and it can be difficult to remember the specific events that are depicted in a photograph. This is why it is important to write some words to accompany the photos. You can also add short comments to the photos to ensure you have the full picture of what they are meant to commemorate. If your photo book is to be unique, you have to be creative. You can even go overboard and attach a journal to the photo book to have more clarity on the events depicted in particular photos.

Take Advantage of Quotes
You can also memorialize the events being depicted in the photos on your photo book by using quotes. If you use quotes in your photo book, you will have a good laugh at the memories when going through the photos years down the line.

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